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Children's Services


The Biggs Branch of the Butte County Library now features a storytime and art activity every 3rd Saturday of the month. Last Saturday we read the book Clara Caterpillar by Pamela Duncan.


Before reading the book we talked about how there are lots of interesting words in the story and that a lot of those words start with the letter “C”. As we read the story the family followed along with their own copy provided by the library.
We put out chalk boards and chalk and printouts of some complex vocabulary that children could practice writing.


After we finished the story we were able to give a copy of the book for the family to take home thanks to our Yearn to Learn grant through the State Library of California which also provided our supplies.
Then we made kites and visors using the letter “C”.

Join us next month on…

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Hedgehog Storytime



Hands are for clapping / Jim Gill

Itsy Bitsy Spider


Open Shut Them

(Talking about Hedgehogs today)

(Showed the craft, not finished)

(Showed World Book with a pic of Hedgehog)

Book (with a hedgehog in it)
A Dragon Moves in by Lisa Falkenstern

Shake my sillies out / Raffi

Knuckles Knees / Jim Gill

Silly Dance Contest / Jim Gill

Wheels on the Bus
Started with asking how it starts / With the wheels / Then said the driver is going to let us know he’s here by doing what? Honking the horn / Before we can get on the bus what does the bus driver need to do? Open the doors / When we get on the bus what does the bus driver say? Move on back / We are ready to go but now it’s raining! What do we need? Wipers / Now the road is getting bumpy. The children on the bus go up and down. / Somebody said wah wah wah. Who says Wah wah wah? The babies on the bus. / What do the parents say to the babies? Shhh Shhh Shhh all through the town.

Book: (also has a hedgehog in it)
One rainy day by M. Christine Butler (said we weren’t going to read the whole book, I skipped some parts because it’s very long)

Shakers to music: Jim Gill’s
Alabama Mississippi
(standing up this time)

Craft time: Sheryl’s Hedgehog on a stick with bingo paint and paper colored dots to glue on

Great comments today saying they had fun and thanks you’s from parents and children. Great storytime despite being tired and having a cold! It was also our biggest storytime in a long time.

Realized we need more non-fiction on

Susie Serrano
Countywide Children’s Librarian
Butte County Library



Talking Tech in an Interview, by Susie Serrano

Thanks for sharing my journey!
More soon:-)

Little eLit

I don’t consider myself tech-savvy. I do have Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Goodreads accounts; use WordPress to blog; and do most everything on my iPhone 5 and sometimes my Google Nexus or my husband’s iPad. Still, when it comes to troubleshooting, my husband is the person I look to for help.

When I was applying for a promotion to Countywide Children’s Librarian, my husband encouraged me to take the iPad to the interview after seeing how jazzed up I was after meeting Cen Campbell at an Early Learning with Families Advisory Committee meeting at the California State Library. Cen demonstrated the use of new media for storytime at the library by connecting her iPad wirelessly using Apple TV to show us examples of books and songs to display on a bigger screen and make the experience interactive. As a fellow Eurekan, class of 2010, I couldn’t help but try…

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Chico Branch Library

Chico Branch Library

Children's Services

Chico Branch Library has a very creative children’s services person named Sheryl who is great at creating bulletin boards & displays mostly in freehand.
Here are her fabulous Bulletin Boards!



She has also created helpful subject displays at the top of each nonfiction bookshelf.













I’m hoping we can do something similar in all of the branches. It makes it easy for kids and adults to find their favorite subjects as well as other staff & volunteers.

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School Starts

School is starting and our storytime has shrunk already with our regulars now in school for the very first time. Now is the time to promote storytime again and encourage new families to attend. I’m also thinking of changing it from ages 3-5 to all ages for family storytime instead.

This week we made bears out of card stock as a craft.

Welcome song: Hands are for Clapping by Jim Gill

Where is Thumbkin?

Open Shut Them

Book: Baby bear, baby bear, what do you see?

Shake My Sillies Out by Raffi

Silly Dance Contest by Jim Gill

Ups & Downs by Jim Gill

Wheels on the Bus

Itsy Bitsy Spider

Roly Poly


Teddy wore his… Flannel

Craft time

Craft Catch-up!

Wow, I’ve been so busy with my new job as the Countywide Children’s Librarian I haven’t been posting in awhile. So here are pics of the crafts I remembered to take pictures of:-)










Mother’s Day


This week we celebrated Mother’s Day at storytime. Most of the books I found about Mother’s Day were too long so I chose books about being a mom.:-)


Many of our picture books about Mom’s seem to also be about bedtime.

We finished with Mother’s Day cards and easy tissue paper flowers. The two oldest boys made the most flowers!

The kids really spent lots of time creating great things for the Moms.




When animals get up in the morning they always say good day
(with puppets)

Hands are for clapping-Jim Gill


Shake my sillies-Raffi

Knuckles knees-Jim Gill

Spin again-Jim Gill

Open shut them

Roly Poly


Craft Time

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